[Second Webinar] How to Build and Qualify the Cloud for Regulated Applications

Last week's webinar attendee numbers were through the roof, which consequently meant turning some of our registrants away due to capacity restrictions. In light of the obvious popularity of this session, we have decided to schedule a second webinar for those who could not attend last week.

In this webinar, we will discuss what drove us to adopt a cloud-based platform in the first place, and the work that we did in preparation, planning and execution. We will walk you through the technical and procedural steps that have allowed us to ensure that our clients data is safe and resides in a place that is properly managed and in alignment with the regulatory requirements.

Finally, we will present some of the key recommendations for building a cloud environment, focusing on what we would do and wouldn't do next time around.

This webinar is targeted towards both technical and non-technical participants from the Life Sciences.

Featured Topics:

  • Why cloud?
  • Why Microsoft Azure?
  • What did we qualify it for?
  • What approach did we take?
  • Technical steps to success in the cloud
  • Procedural steps to success in the cloud
  • Realizing true benefits in the cloud
  • Our lessons learned
  • Conclusion & recommendations


About the Author: Oliver Pearce

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