Top Virtual Clinical Conferences 2020

While we’re all working from home and adjusting to life without the daily commute and travel, we’ve compiled a list of virtual conferences to help stay ahead of advancements in clinical trialsclinical operations, and technologies shaping the future 

Many conferences are free to join or have reduced pricing for registration, that’s the beauty of going digital! With so much engaging content and expert advice at your fingertips, it’s never been so easy to learn and build connections.

Here are the top virtual clinical conferences of 2020 to help you expand your TMF and clinical operations knowledge. 

Upcoming Virtual Conferences

Virtual Workshop Week US and Europe

US: August 31st-September 4

Europe: September 7-September 11

Interact with fellow leaders and solve common challenges related to customer and patient engagement, medical affairs and clinical trials.

Clinical Document World

September 15-September 18

The event consists of 45+ educational sessions covering all aspects of clinical document management including regulatory guidance, compliance, quality, and technology. Life science professionals from Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device organizations who are looking to improve their processes through strategic improvements and partnerships are encouraged to attend. Montrium's CEO Paul Fenton will be presenting!

DPHARM: Disruptive Innovations US

September 22-September 23

DPHARM challenges and reports on innovation in clinical trials to reduce patient/physician burden and drive greater efficiencies. The conference will highlight major opportunities to fundamentally change how clinical trials are operationalized going forward.

BIO Europe 

August 26-October 29

Global connections are more important than ever. With the same powerful one-to-one partnering and valuable content, BIO-Europe Digital continues to help you drive your life science partnering forward.

Outsourcing In Clinical Trials USA Virtual Conference

September 30-October 1

Bringing together experts from across the USA to discuss the latest innovations in outsourcing, technology, regulatory affairs and medical devices, this virtual conference will deliver cutting-edge content on how best to manage outsourcing strategies.

Clinical Trials Europe 

November 2-November 4

"Be Part Of Europe's Largest Event Dedicated To Streamlining Clinical Trials And Improving Patient Outcomes" Enjoy the same world-class clinical insights, examples, advice and panel discussions that the event is renowned for, with direct access to the information and people you need to get your questions answered. Join some of the industry's biggest names, and benefit from live polls and Q&As - all at the touch of a button.


-Demand 📺

TMF Week 2020 

Hear actionable industry trends and insights from 20+ TMF industry experts to help you speed up time to market and avoid costly delays. We explore how you can improve your TMF processes, exciting new technologies shaping tomorrow’s clinical trial environment, as well as how to be responsive to changes in regulations. 

Learn from some of the industry's leading TMF minds: 

  • Jamie Toth – Head of TMF Operations, Daiichi Sankyo 
  • Paul Fenton – President & CEO, Montrium 
  • Marie-Christine Poisson-Carvajal - Head of TMF, Pfizer 
  • Fran Ross – TMF Practice Director, Advanced Clinical 
  • Sara Dean – Director TMF Operations, Syneos Health 
  • Dora Endreffy – Global Records Manager, ICON 
  • Anne-Mette Varney – TMF Process & Systems Manager, NovoNordisk 
  • David Ives – Director, Head of TMF Operations, Alexion

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Virtual Clinical Trials Online 

This virtual event brings together industry experts to discuss the increasing pace of pharmaceutical innovation, the need to maintain data quality and integrity as new technologies are implemented and understand regulatory challenges to ensure compliance. 

CHANGE OF PLANS: Clinical Trials in 2020 : Part 1 (Webinar) 
A recorded webinar with the former Head of Clinical Innovation for Pfizer, Craig Lipset, about contingency plans for clinical trials amidst the unexpected disruption of COVID-19. Craig helps innovators think through their options, shares a variety of resources to support remote trials and discusses how all of this affects the patient experience. 

CHANGE OF PLANS: Clinical Trials in 2020: Part 2 (Webinar) 

Former Head of Clinical Innovation for Pfizer, Craig Lipset, will present on contingency plans for clinical trials amidst the unexpected disruption of COVID-19. Craig will speak to some of the resources to help support remote trialsand commentary will be provided about their impact on the patient experience. 

Clinical Trial Supply 2020 – A Virtual Experience 

A day packed with two streams of engaging content, this event will feature key speakers from the FDA, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Gilead, and more. Topics include - why Direct-to-Patient drug supply is the answer to conducting clinical trials during the COVID-19 crisis, unlocking the potential for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and special challenges in supply and partner-sourcing for stem-gene clinical trials.

2nd Annual Virtual Clinical Trials 

Life science R&D departments must be able to utilize digital technologies to ensure high-quality clinical trials and take into consideration how operational activities will perform during a virtual trial. This online event will examine how the industry is navigating different models of remote trials and gain best practices for preparing or improving internal infrastructure to support a remote study.

Clinical Trials at the time of COVID-19: And beyond? (Webinar) 

On the occasion of International Clinical Trials Day on 20 May, this event seeks to explore the takeaways that COVID-19 teaches us on how to optimise research and development and on how to streamline regulatory processes.

DIA Europe 2020

DIA Europe 2020 is Europe's largest and most forward-looking neutral healthcare conference. This annual event spans DIA’s strategic initiatives across a range of Thought Leadership streams, including Clinical Development & Operations, Regulatory Science & Operations, Value and Access, Medical Affairs and many more. More details on the event are forthcoming. 

Are you excited to join some of these conferences from home? Comment below and let us know which ones you’re looking forward to attending! Should more conferences go digital, we’ll keep adding to this list.  

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