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The 7 Characteristics of Highly Effective TMF Professionals [Infographic]

Myles Carter


As a leading provider of eTMF solutions, we work closely with clinical teams to deliver intelligent document management solutions that empower clinical professionals and the clinical trials they manage (okay, shameless plug out of the way). The Trial Master File is one of the most critical aspects of running clinical trials, and if managed effectively by the right team, can speed trial timelines and enable clinical operations to make better decisions.

Over the years we've had the pleasure of working with some incredibly valuable TMF professionals that see Trial Master Files as an asset to their clinical team, rather than a burden. With that being said, there are some distinct qualities and characteristics that we feel are absolutely required to be a highly effective TMF professional and to get the most out of your TMF or eTMF.

As you look to propel your company growth and deliver better clinical projects, you must recruit well and build a world class team of TMF professionals. Not only will bringing in the right type of TMF professional improve the way you manage your Trial Master File, but you'll be bringing in personality traits that will echo the organization. If you're looking to hire a new TMF professional or looking to become a better one yourself, check out our infographic below!


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