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The State of Trial Master Files 2017 [Infographic]

Monica Papini


Electronic Trial Master Files (eTMFs) are one of the most widely discussed topics in clinical trials today, with a wealth of experts and specialists weighing in on the importance of good TMF management, best practices and the regulations. However, while the buzzword is getting more and more attention in the life sciences, it’s often difficult to understand exactly where the industry stands on eTMFs and the acceptance and growth of the technology.

As we begin to understand the impact eTMF systems have on the way we manage clinical trials, it’s also important to understand how the industry feels about eTMF solutions, and what the current state of eTMF is. Using research compiled through a recent ISR Report in 2016, as well as several other reports, research, and information, we’ve produced an infographic that compiles the key results of the current state of TMF management, focusing specifically on eTMF solutions.

The infographic is fun to read, and great to share with colleagues! In addition, some of the key stats in the article can act as a great starting point as you lobby for eTMF at your organization.

↓Check it out below↓

State of TMF 2017

Here are some quick stats to tweet:

84% of companies strongly prefer an eTMF system to a paper TMF - Tweet This

43% of companies say that they store 81 to 100% of their TMF data and documents in an eTMF - Tweet This

64% of companies currently use an eTMF as their primary document management solution - Tweet This

In 3 years, 52% of investigative sites will have the ability to upload directly to the eTMF - Tweet This

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